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Singles – Are Your Standards For a Potential Date Too High Or Too Low?

Are you one of those singles out there, who believe that you have the ability to find someone who has good looks, good figure and good character? And do you often being commented to be overly choosy?

Studies have shown that one of the reasons why there are so many singles today, is because they set your standards of a potential girlfriend or boyfriend, to be too high. Do you think that you have set your standards to high?

Well, I have a female friend, who will only date guys who have good looks and well-built, rich and popular among girls, and must be romantic, and not have any bad habits. He must also be a family man, and be an upper class guy, etc.

What do you think of her standards? Is it too high?

It all depends on yourself. It is very difficult to find someone who can fit all your standards. What you need to list out, is a set of standards that you can live without, and those qualities that you must have.

That does not mean that you will simply accept someone, and take whatever you are given? And that does not mean that you will simply sleep with someone?

You will not find true happiness, if you simply accept anyone. What you need to do, is to list out your standards.

Remember, it is very hard to find someone who will fit perfectly to your image of a potential girlfriend or boyfriend. If you find those top qualities in a person, then you should cherish him or her. You can definitely work out with the rest of the qualities, which he or she does not have.

The mystery of love has a weird way of working out. People who set super high standards, end up falling head over heels for somebody they would not even expect to meet the standards. But then again, being too picky can take away from a lot of potential dates.

Thus, it is important to stick to all your list of must-have qualities, when looking for a potential girlfriend or boyfriend.