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Online Dating – Safely For Amputees

When it comes to online dating, there is one concern that troubles nearly everyone: safety. As a disabled person, specifically an amputee, these concerns are generally heightened. To most amputees, there is a sort of assumed risk that comes with resorting to online dating services, and the horror stories that litter the web do nothing to ease anyone’s fears. In this article, I want to briefly cover the basic tips that can help keep you safe in the digital dating game. Hopefully I can to dispel some of the scariest online dating myths that are the root of so much apprehension.

To start with, lets look at what you can do to protect yourself as an online dater. Remember, safety starts on day one. When you are crafting your dating profile, the single most important thing to keep in mind is that information is power. If you want to protect yourself, you are going to want to keep your private information off of your public profile. This means no phone numbers, names, addresses or even places of work. Instead of revealing this type of information that can be used against you, try to focus on describing your personality, your dreams, and what kind of person you are looking for.

When you are communicating with anyone online, you will be forced to rely heavily on your instincts but you should only reveal personal information slowly as you get to know each other. Remember, each step of this progression leaves you more vulnerable At first you will only be messaging through the dating service’s own messenger software. The next step from here is moving to emails or third party messenger services. Finally, when you are pretty comfortable with your potential partner, you can exchange phone numbers. This stage gives you a better taste for the person, as a personal phone conversation conveys so much more than a written text conversation.

If some chemistry develops over the phone, you can finally arrange your first face to face meet up. This should only take place in a public place and you should have separate transportation to and from the meet up. It may or may not feel appropriate to bring a friend along, but someone close to you should know where and when you are going to be meeting. As an amputee, you might feel more vulnerable than most people, but a caring match should take every opportunity to make sure you feel comfortable.

can be very rewarding if due care is taken. In fact, if you take every precaution, this first meet up should feel no more dangerous than meeting a stranger in a club. Remember, if you are uneasy, listen to your instincts to avoid any messy situations.