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Screen Names And Singles Using Online Dating Services

An appealing online dating service screen name is essential because it’s the first and only thing potential dates will see before deciding whether or not to read your dating profile. It’s really very simple: The greater the number of clicks from your screen name to your profile, the greater number of opportunities you will have of meeting your soulmate.

Unfortunately, many singles put tons of time into writing a great dating profile, but make up their screen names and/or taglines as a hasty after-thought.

That is why the following dating advice on screen names may help you improve the number of potential daters who click on your online dating personal ad:

Remember that the goal of your screen name should not be to attract

but only the kinds of Christian single girls or guys you think would make a good mate.

No, it’s not cheating. And yes, it’s one of the best ways to build upon any original idea for your own screen name. So check out several dozen screen names you find attractive, and ask yourself what it is that makes those screen names or headlines such a draw. Once you do that, you will most likely have a couple of neat ideas.

A screen name can be an introduction of your heart to others. So put within your screen name a positive quality about yourself that your target may find attractive. Have fun thinking about this, and recall that humor goes a long way.

What do we mean by that? A screen name so overused and unoriginal that it just makes people flip right by it. These kinds of screen names will not only give a single person a reason

to look at your personals profile, but will also give others the impression that the single who wrote it is boring and uncreative.

As a sidebar, you could also try rotating different screen names among different dating services, and test which ones get more attention.

Are we taking a grammar test? No, but setting up your screen name in a way that makes it easier to read will help get you more clicks to your profile. So, if you’re using a screen name with several words put together, try to capitalize only the first letter of each word. If the online dating site allows you to put a dash between words, you could try that as well. And I don’t think we have to remind you not to us all CAPITALS, right?