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Speed Dating Questions – How You Can Find A Date In 10 Minutes No Joke

Speed Dating Questions rule of thumb. Bring at least 10 questions with you. Top priority. Be prepared because speed dating is going to allow you to meet with different partners for up to 10 minutes each. It may be longer. This all depends on which dating event you are going to attend. Now during this 10 minutes, your job is to find out as much you can about this person. This is going to be a very fast pace social event and lots of fun too. Here are some questions that should help you out.

1. What kind of responses should I give if I am asked a question?

You can practice on learning how to give one minute responses that shine on a personal aspect within your personality.

Here are questions you can ask.

2. Are you proud of anything you have done in your life?

3. How do you fill about religion? Is this important to you?

4. What are some things you like to do to have fun?

5. What kind of work are you into?

6. How do you feel about children. Do you want any?

7. How long ago was your last break up relationship?

8. What goals do you want to accomplish within 5 years?

9. If we got into an argument, how would you settle it?

10. When it comes to sexual compatibility, how important is this to you?

When if comes to speed dating questions, here are some icebreakers that can help relax the mood when first meeting. Having a sense of humor is great. Always make sure you put some humor in the mix.

A. Did your last relationship end with a restraining order against your ex?

B. Listen, I know we just met but can I borrow $5000 dollars from you? Smile and of course let them know that this is just a joke, quick. Or you may be serious about this? lol…

C. Yeah, I saw you at the Shrek convention last year remember?

D. If you had the chance to be a animal, what kind of animal would you like to be?

E. Do you like to kiss on the first date, because I am ready to kiss and lust all over you right now.

Finally when you are asking speed dating questions always show confidence, have a positive attitude and smile because you will only have 10 minutes to present yourself. This small amount of time should at least help you consider if you want to go out on a longer date with this person you just briefly met. Overall just make sure you have some fun.