How to Attract Men With Your Online Dating Profile

What do men like about you? How do you attract them? Is it your sexy smile, beautiful hair, or long legs. Or maybe you are a great conversationalist, someone who has traveled the globe, or are a warm and loving person. These are all great attributes to have when a man meets you in person. But what happens when all they see is a computer screen, a bunch of words and some pictures? How do you attract men online?

First impressions are one of the most important elements in meeting new people. But now we have to rethink about what that means when trying to attract men online. With the ease of scrolling and hitting the next button you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of a guy.

This is not about being beautiful, it’s about being the real you. Choose something that shows your real essence, a clear photo of your face where you are happy and smiling. This is the first thing a guy sees on the results page and an important aspect when you want to attract men online.

A good bio should be grammatically correct with no spelling errors and should flow well. Keep your bio relatively short and interesting. Hit on your best attributes, throw in some humor and make sure to include what you like to do most and what you desire in a man. Avoid money religion and politics.

Include little things about yourself that most people notice about you and comment on. If men often remark on your great eyes, saying something like, ‘people tend to love my eyes, so if you tell me something funny maybe you will get to see them’, would work well to tease and tantalize a man.

Remember men fall in love with their eyes while women fall in love with their ears.

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