How to Have a Normal Conversation With Flirtatious Undertones

When it comes to talking dirty you want to start off small. You wouldn’t jump into the deep-end of a swimming pool thinking you can swim if you have never practice swimming first, that would be madness. That being say, the following article will give you the tips and advice you need to get you dirty talking game moving in the right direction…

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to talking dirty is thinking that it starts in-between the sheets. The fact is, the sooner you begin and the longer you’re doing it, the better it will be when you do eventually move it into the bed.

Reason for this is simple… It’s a good way to get comfortable with the naughty words, phrases, games and stories you’ll be using, and of course, it’s a great way to escalate her mood from cold to steaming hot.

Lets take driving in your car for example. The possibilities for getting your mind and hers into sexy gear is easy. Perhaps you can start by talking about what turns you on. Then ask her what turns her on. Nice and easy to start, just remember to be playful.

Start to talk to her seductively and enticingly by inventing a fantasy you would like to play out one day, or something that just comes to mind. Try to always use visually enhancing word and paint a picture in her mind (get her seeing and feeling what you’re saying).

For example you could say:

“(Her name) started to arch her back with every stroke of (your name) finger tips and tender kisses on her inner thigh. With both arm now around (her Name) lower part of her legs (your name) slowly pulls her closer to him and lowered his head. (Her name) knew what was coming next… Wave after wave of pleasure, oh I hope it’s the tongue she thought, letting her head fall back and panting deeply”.

Stop there in your fantasy and ask her where she would like your tongue the most right now. You want to get her involved, get her interacting Her response could be, well, depending how good your story telling is will decide where it goes.

Talking dirty is fun and very helpful when it comes to talking to women. Dirty talking doesn’t always have to be hard-core Try and make it fun. And always try to start slow and easy, with innuendo and not words that make you blush like a little girl. The more she responds to your teasing comments, the braver (and better) you will become. Just remember to have some fun with it.

Do a search online for sex stories. Look how they are written, the words and phrases they use, how they paint a picture in your mind. Use them to build on the fantasy stories you’ve made up.