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Internet Dating Photo – What to Wear

Your photo is the single most important aspect of your online dating profile. In order to stand out from the pack of online daters, your picture most be able to draw in the attention of people skimming threw profiles.

In this article, we will examine what to wear in your internet dating photo.

First, keep in mind, if this photo is for your preview image, it should be tightly cropped around your face. That means, from your shoulders to the top of your head.

Now for your threads, you want the attention to be on your face, but you also want to wear something that stands out. If you have lighter skin, wear dark, neutral colors. Stay clear of busy clothing, such as stripes and patterns.

If you have darker skin, light, neutral colors will work best. You want to wear something that contrasts your skin tone. This will draw the attention to your face and help your photo stand out.

Bright colors are OK if you look good in them-keep in mind-they don’t work for everyone. Check with a friend first. However, if bright colors do look good on you, they are a great way to get noticed from of web page full of photos. A dab of color can go a long way.

Lets review, your clothes should draw attention to your face, don’t let what you wear be the focus of the photo. Wear neutral colors that compliment your skin tone. Avoid distracting stripes and patterns.

What you wear in your internet dating photo may not be something you’ve thought about. But when you’re photo is competing with hundreds of others, take my advice for dating, use every advantage you can-dress for online dating success.