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Women That Ruin The Singles Scene

The cruise ship ad said single men and women passengers wanted from ages thirty to fifty. But the ad was mostly answered by old ladies; some of the women were past eighty. This ruined the voyage for all the younger men that purchased a ticket for the singles cruise to the Caribbean. They expected to meet young women and had to abandon ship when they took a look at the overly ripened ladies on board. Some of the men got their money refunded when they saw wheel chairs, walkers, and women with canes struggling up the gang plank. Many of the younger men and women who wanted to be on board could not get a reservation because of those unwelcome passengers who parked themselves in every cabin. The irony of it all was there was another singles cruise ship at the next pier that welcomed fifty plus singles. That ship was almost empty and it left on its cruise only half full.

The personal ads are full of financially secure older men looking to meet a woman in their mid forties. The majority of women that answer the ads are well into their sixties. But they swear when they meet the man on their first date that they are twenty years younger than they look. The man has to say that he is not feeling well and then quickly depart after his bad dating experience. The man stated in the ad that he wanted to meet a young woman and his request should be respected. The same problem takes place on the internet where women are understating their age. Some men that have been burned by women that falsify their age have been demanding birth certificates before making a date. One man claimed he had to go through ten bad dates until he met a genuine forty year old woman. This practice by women should be stopped and many dating establishments have setup procedures to protect their male clients.

There is nothing sinister or illegal about a man who is seventy years old that desires a woman who is youthful looking. If he likes his dates to be around forty years old he is within his rights. No man is too old to be eligible to date a youthful looking woman. The “sugar daddy” is wanted and respected world wide. He has something to offer and most young women would like him to be made into a national hero. Many women who were financially and psychologically down and out were saved by a sugar daddy. That is why he is welcome on cruises and in bars designed for younger people. One single cruise line advertised that its passenger list was full of: “sugar daddies”. The first voyage was a big success. It all came to an end when older women found out about it. They filled up the reservation list on the next voyage and it had to be cancelled. The cruise owners then demanded birth certificates from any woman that wanted to sail. But the courts ruled that it was “ageism”, and the good idea had to be terminated.

Older single women are not worthless pieces of meat despite their rejection by men. Many older women are giving grandmothers and volunteer workers. They are good citizens that seldom break the law. We all had mothers and grandmothers that we loved despite their age. But men have a longer sexual shelf life and they prefer youthful looking women. They will never date elderly women unless they are too poor to afford a young bunny. Men over fifty have a big advantage in the dating game. They can play the game as long as they can afford to spend money on their dates. This is seen as an unfair advantage by many women. Ladies refuse to buy a man, because buying a man is against a woman’s nature. They have no choice but to angrily accept the “sugar daddy” and his power over young women. He is allowed to go where they are not welcome. Most women would not try to go on a cruise ship, enter a bar, or answer a personal ad if women their age were not wanted. But there are women whose vanity will not admit that they are not wanted in a youth oriented world. They are causing confusion and spoiling the ambience of young single events. Besides that they are not getting the men that they wanted despite their aggressiveness. Those over age women have to be put in check by businesses that cater to young singles. The only way to do that is by demanding birth certificates at single events. Forcing people to produce birth certificates has worked to keep the under eighteen crowd out and it should be employed to keep the over fifty crowd out of under fifty single events.

There are many worthwhile things for older women to do besides playing the dating game. They can join women’s clubs and share conversations with its members. Most women have more in common with each other than with men. The only thing that they will be missing is a guy to open the door for them or pick up a dinner check. Time moves on and situations change. A woman that accepts the changes can be happier than ever despite the absence of a man in her life.