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Online Dating Guide – Do You Know How to Flirt With a Virtual Date?

You will improve your chances of sparking romantic or sexual interest in your virtual date when you develop the attraction skill of flirting.

What is flirting?

It is the process of making playful romantic or sexual overtures that express your attraction and test the level of interest in a potential romantic partner.

The goal of flirting is to spark sexual attraction, not the tender affection of friendship.

How do you flirt?

When you feel attracted to someone you meet in person, you adopt the mindset and actions of flirting. Researchers report that these behaviors trigger attraction:

* Keep a playful sense of mystery about you, giving partial clues to the real facts of your work or relationship history.

* Rev up your sexy attitude, knowing you’re a great catch and this person is lucky to meet you, even briefly

* Give yourself all the approval you need so you do not seek approval nor make apologies to a potential date

* Say the opposite of what you might feel as a way to shake off your fear and try a new way of interacting

* Say something funny to see if they laugh or enjoy your sense of humor

* Hold eye contact or touch their hand when you make casual conversation, testing if this sparks mutual interest

What are these signs of interest?

Researchers describe the signs using this scenario at a bar:

While chatting with a man, a woman may slowly stroke the rim of her glass, indirectly or strongly teasing and stimulating him. She knows what he likes and how to make him squirm.

This is when a man may uncross his legs, open them, and point his crotch to her. His body language tells her that he’s ready to make her happy whenever she’s ready. This flirting sparked sexual attraction, as intended.

What if you flirt with someone and they don’t flirt back?

Think, NEXT. Then move on to the next person who triggers your feelings of attraction.

How do you flirt with virtual dates online?

Popular online daters are bombarded with flirting messages or online icons, so they don’t bother to open them — thinking, “If you don’t care enough to write me a note, I don’t care about your timid hello.”

This is why flirting timidly won’t help you get noticed online.

You can use the same flirting techniques we described earlier to express interest and spark attraction in your emails or video chats with virtual dates. If this virtual flirting is successful, the next step is to meet and see what feelings arise when you flirt face to face.