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How To Make a Good Online Dating Profile – What Should I Put in My Dating Profile

What should I put in my dating profile, you ask? In three words, your best self. Your online dating profile is the place to show your best qualities, your interests, your personality, and what you look for in a potential mate.

The best way to understand how to build your dating profile is to know what to absolutely avoid. In two words, being needy. Neediness is highly unattractive; every form of it. This includes writing lines such as “I’m looking for a girlfriend” or “I’m looking for my soulmate.” These lines might seem from the heart or honest, but all they do is push the woman farther away.

Talk about your passions. What do you dream about, what drives you? Do you love to surf, or do you want to be a surfer one day? Talk about it. What would it feel like, what is it about surfing that you love? The more descriptive you are, and the more you include the rush of emotions, the better a woman will respond. Men are more prone to talking details. Women are prone to speaking in emotions. When your interests read out like a grocery list, there’s no excitement. No attraction.

Your profile should perfectly supplement your photos and your messaging. If your profile, messaging, or photos has a common mistake, then you’re doomed before you begin. For much more information on how to get to the point of an abundance women, and how to

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