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Online Dating – the Modern Matchmaker

Internet Dating has become extremely popular. Online Dating have open up many opportunities for men and women finding love and marriage all around the world. Online dating has made the world a haven for communications, bringing long distance relationship possible.

Long ago, matchmaking was a common practice in many communities around the world. During matchmaking, parents would choose the match for their sons and daughters. The criteria usually involved the compatibility to the family, the earning ability of the men and the home skills of the women. Usually, would be bride and bridegroom do not meet till the wedding day.

Online dating is not dissimilar to traditional matchmaking. In online dating, you state your criteria for the person you are looking for. You will choose to communicate with people who match your criteria. You too will be contacted based on your profile on the dating site. This is the first step towards deciding on the compatibility of both parties. Compatibility in traditional matchmaking is an important criterion to a blissful marriage. Compatibility in terms of interests, likes, dislikes, occupation and realistically their value and attitude in life. The similarity between online dating and matchmaking ends here.

In online dating, you are in control of the whole process of finding your match. Firstly, you set the criteria of the person you would like to meet. Secondly, you can approach or accept friendship from people who are compatible to you. Thirdly, you can choose to communicate with the person on email or phone as a way to know each other better. Lastly, you can decide whom you would like to meet and arrange a meet up in a public place.

Does online dating sounds good for you? You can find true love; the matchmaking way with a modern twist.