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The Last Minute Guy’s Go-To List of Best Date Night Ideas

Sometimes our best date night ideas stem from deep-seeded sense of what you know to be fun, exciting, and romantic. Other times, it may just mean you were able to be creative enough in clutch-time, and you pulled quite the rabbit out of the hat. Even if it was a little last-minute, being able to put together a memorable outing for you and someone special can be cute & romantic in and of itself. Maybe you’re a single guy, and you meet someone at a book store who also happens to be into science-fiction. You both like the same authors & whether it’s kismet or not, you want to keep the conversation going. Having a back-pocket filled with quick, yet very righteous, date ideas is essential.

For instance, don’t underestimate the power of bowling. It’s very unromantic, it’s familiar to just about everyone, and doesn’t depend on an alluring atmosphere to win over your date. Make the date more interesting by actually keeping score. The friendly competition can often spawn little treats such as the winner able to dictate the next place you both go to for a second date.

Maybe you and a special someone just need a night away from things. Why not go on a walk together. Sure, you both may jog in the morning and have earbuds lodged into your ears, but this time, you both are just sharing a stroll together. It’s simple and doesn’t require much in the way of planning. The key is being receptive to communicating. You might even learn a thing or two about your significant other.

End your walk with a treat. More and more sweet shops are opening up all over the country. You can choose from gourmet cupcakes, petit fours, chocolatiers, and even old-fashioned ice cream. Just about anything sweet will be the right way to end a couple’s stroll.

If you’ve met someone and think they are just the kind of person you’d like to have a cup of coffee with, why not actually have a cup of coffee together? Coffee is incredibly popular, and oddly enough, can be, figuratively speaking, a very sweet way to spend time with someone. Talk about work, art, pets, and literature. In this day and age, we rarely take time out to just sit and observe the world. If you’re taking a respite from the rush, why not make time with what could be a special someone over a cup of joe?

Perhaps you and your significant other like to stay in but are over just binge-watching TV shows. Why not set up your dining table as an ultimate gaming platform? Grab some fun games, have a few decks of cards, and you could even do a jigsaw puzzle. Just spending time together may be the part of the evening that’s most memorable, though being able to use Q and Z in the same word for maximum points could be pretty epic!

The best date night ideas come from a willingness to be creative and thoughtful. Even if you do wait a bit too long to make plans, your spontaneity can be quite the lovable quality. Just be sure you have a plan of some kind. Otherwise, you’ll just come off as being inconsiderate.