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The Best Dating Coaches – How to Know Who Are the Best Coaches

These are my top 3 things that all the best dating coaches are not and don’t do. In other words: I’m going to give you 3 secrets for recognizing bad dating advice and bad dating coaches so you’ll be able to find the best advice and coaches out there.

Knowing how to separate good advice and coaches from the ad ones will save you a lot of time, money, and energy. so, let’s get to it!

Who says all dating advice can be used in all situations all the time? That’s a lie. Any dating coach that tries to tell you something else is a liar.

Meeting women online is different from meeting women in clubs. What’s more, different kinds of women respond to different kinds of things.

There are a lot of dating coaches, dating gurus or whatever you want to call them that don’t know what really matters. They give you all kinds of clever techniques, tricks and tips without helping you get rid of your insecurities. Without helping you to build your confidence.

They claim to have the magic pill that always work, which is a lie. And then when they’re flawed advice fails? They don’t even have the respect for you to ask you how they can help you with your unique situation!

Teaching you techniques is letting you believe that there is something wrong with you. That you need techniques because you will not have success with women without them. That’s not true.

You just don’t know how to be yourself around women. You behave differently around women. But that’s only because you don’t know how and why to be yourself. No one showed you since the day you were born.

The best dating coaches (and best dating tips) show you how to reach your full potential, not 1000-and-1 techniques for manipulating women into liking you.

I see too many gold diggers out there who pretend to have the right to give dating advice. They will ask hundreds of dollars for a product that only shows you their opinion. And that opinion is just a theory: it has never been proven in real life!

That’s why I say out loud right now: if you meet a guy (or girl) that gives you bad dating advice? You must always be able to get all of your money back. Even if you contact him 18 years from now.

Nothing is more personal than your love life, your fears, your insecurities. So if someone’s dating advice does not work for you personally? You should be able to get your money back. And I don’t care what the guy or woman says. Force him to give you your money back.

You have the right to get high quality advice, because your dating success is personal. Your dating success is about as personal as it gets!

So, be warned: try to see through all the awesome sounding marketing and branding. Unfortunately, there are more coaches out there that care about money and reputation more than they care about helping you.

The best dating coaches give you the truth even if you don’t want to hear it. Why? Because they’ll say what you need to hear and who knows: maybe you’ve been your own worst enemy without knowing it all these years.

You’re not me. I don’t want you to be. But other dating coaches want you to be them. They don’t think at all about how your situation is different from theirs. Your life is not my life or the life of Brad Pitt.

Whatever the case, you can only be you. That’s why I said earlier: thinking you need techniques sucks. You don’t need what works for another guy. You need to know what works for you and you alone. The things that work for you may be different from the things that work for me.

So, be warned: if a dating coach only teaches the techniques that made him/her successful, you’ll risk learning stuff that doesn’t work in your situation.

Look for the ones that help you become the best you, not the ones that want to clone themselves.

There is no such thing as a method that always work, like it or not. In fact, following a method of meeting & dating women is bad. Why?

Because by following a method (a set of rules) you limit yourself. By following a rule or method, you don’t experiment but stick to the script like an actor. You will miss all the opportunities and unpredictable fun events that are out there in the world.

So, look for the dating coach that let’s you develop your own “style” of meeting women, that helps you meet women successfully in your own unique way.

And there you go: now you know the 3 things that the best dating coaches don’t try to do and don’t try to be. Now you know what bad dating coaches do and what bad dating advice is.

Because you know the bad from the good, you’ll be able to find the best advice and coaches around. it will save you tons of time, money, energy (and frustration).

Use this information whenever you’re looking for a dating coach!