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Senior Dating Sites – Warnings!

Seniors tend to be curious and also naturally trusting. Our very natures are sometimes our worst enemies. After spending two plus years on a couple of senior dating sites, I’ve come to know most of the current problems you might run into on the net.

Predators exist on virtually all types of sites, but we need to be aware of those that frequent dating sites. The worst are the pedophiles. While they tend to lurk among the juvenile sites, they can be drawn to senior ladies holding and being with their grandchildren. Photos are a definite plus on dating sites, but please leave out the children. Pedophiles never announce their intentions in advance and are consistently untruthful. Red Flag warning.

Women from all over the world are shopping for men to bring them to the states, marry them and then provide for not only them, but their entire family back home! While some of these ladies are no doubt legitimate, beware those who begin asking for favors, usually money, early in the correspondence game. They start out small in their requests for help with a little problem, but escalate into larger family problems in short time. They will string you along as long as they can get away with it or until they empty your wallet. Yellow Flag warning.

The most difficult to determine are the women whose sole intention is to meet a man, marry him and then, after a couple of years, divorce him and take as much as they can in the process. They are clever, devious, seductive in all ways and dangerous. They are also rather rare, but exercise caution. Yellow Flag.

Senior women will be contacted by much younger men. Some are sincere and want to appreciate the maturity an older woman affords. Others are a pest. The major problem here is the enormous difference between mutual life experiences and personal growth. This is a judgment call. Most sites will allow you to block out unwanted contacts if you wish and also allow you to determine an age range of males that suits you. Yellow Flag.

And last, a personal experience. I had been contacted by a lady in a town about 35 miles from me and I sent her a friendly reply. She then mentioned on her next letter that she was recently let go from her job due to the economy and things were tight. Yellow Flag.

I replied, told her of my regrets to hear of her circumstances, and then would she mind sending along a photo since her site did not include one.

She soon replied and along with a photo (of her breasts), she asked if I had ever heard of “pay for play?” Red Flag!!! The lady was either in the business or a cop was trolling for johns. End of conversations, end of story. Be careful.