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Internet Dating Tips – How to Write a Killer Online Dating Profile

Let me ask you…

Are You Frustrated with online dating?

If you’re like most guys, you are. You’re tired of not meeting ATTRACTIVE women from online dating sites.

I mean, who wants to pay $30 a month with no results? Right?

Believe me, I know how frustrating it can be… I’ve been there and I struggled with it for years. I thought I would NEVER be able to meet the woman of my dreams online.

When I first started online dating, women were ignoring ALL my profiles and emails. In fact, I would often send out 10 to 20 emails A DAY and get NO responses. It was crazy! And I wasn’t exactly the kind of guy to go out and approach hot women in bars and clubs so online dating was my only option at the time.

Well, one day everything turned around for me. After lots of painful trial and error, I realized that I was making the SAME mistakes over and over again. And once I stopped making these mistakes, I was meeting women left and right. In fact, I actually had to STOP sending out emails because my plate was full. That’s how dramatically things changed for me!

As it turns out, most guys are still making these mistakes and they don’t even know it. It’s no wonder most guys give up within a MONTH after signing up to online dating sites.

What are these mistakes?

Their profiles just don’t stand out. They aren’t using compelling headlines and they aren’t showing any emotion! They just list facts and the end result is a stale, boring profile with NO excitement.

they don’t know how to email women in a way that GETS THEIR ATTENTION. Again, their subject lines don’t stand out and they don’t get how to communicate the

that women respond to. If you don’t know how to email women the right way, you WON’T succeed at online dating.

they don’t know how to respond to women who email THEM first. This is also critical! Most guys get all excited and totally screw it up. When women email you, it’s a totally different dynamic and you HAVE to know how to handle it.

So, those are the three main online dating mistakes.

Now, how do you write a dating profile that compels women to respond???

Well, first let’s look at how NOT to write a dating profile. When I first got into online dating, I wrote up a profile that I’m not really proud of. In fact, it’s downright embarrassing. But, I need to show it to you so you’ll understand. Just promise me you won’t laugh… OK?

Ok, here it is:

Ok, I didn’t really include that last line, but I might as well have. So, there it is. Painful, I know…

That was my first really lame attempt at writing a dating profile.

So, what’s wrong with this profile? Well, first of all it looks like it’s coming from a

and not a

. There’s no real

there and no

, at least not intentional. It’s like I’m trying to seek her approval in every line. I’m unsure about myself, I’m uncomfortable in my own skin, basically I’m just a total wuss. That’s NOT attractive to women.

Ok, so how do you do it right?

Well, I’ve come up with what I call my

for writing dating profiles. It’s a formula I’ve been using for years and it NEVER fails me.


you must

. Get her emotions going right off the bat. This does two things; it gets her attention

AND it makes her want to read more.


, you need to

. Use strong, assertive language as you state


making NO apologies for either. This will be in the middle part of your profile.


, you finish off with

. This gets her laughing again and you get out on a high note. Always good for showmanship. You do this by telling a brief funny story or my favorite, make fun of other guys on the site. I might write something like: “

So, that is my Secret Formula for writing dating profiles.