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Do Online Dating Services Really Work?

The short answer is: yes. The long answer is: they do, but you have to work to make it happen, like anywhere else. The good news is many people find it easier and safer dating on online dating services than in real life as they can check people out before they meet face to face. It is however a different experience for men and women.

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself “do online dating services really work?” and “how do I meet that special someone?” Let me tell it to you straight. You’ll get innumerable messages from guys. To keep their attention, all you really have to do is reply and not act crazy. Or at least too crazy in the wrong way for that guy.

If a guy is hesitating about asking for your number or to meet, and it’s something you feel comfortable doing, don’t be afraid to do the asking to move things along. The worst that can happen is you fall back on one of the many other guys you’re talking with.

Now for your profile: Unless you’re fairly average looking but like to be told you’re pretty, post a kind of small and grainy picture or don’t post one at all. Guys will still send you messages, but will spend more time getting to know your personality.

As for what you write: show a little bit of your personality, but not all of it. Epic essays, samples of your poetry, and pictures of your family and pets and plants is just too much all at once. Let the guy work a little to find out who you are, they’re more comfortable with that. Not only that, but all that info is fodder for stalkers and identity thieves.

Guys, if you haven’t asked yourself “do online dating services really work?” you should. It’s a lot easier to send off an email (or 10) to start up a conversation than it is to walk up to someone in person. But don’t assume that the conversations will be any simpler. You still have to approach.

Here’s what you want your profile to look like to make things easier: write it like you expect her to read it after you’ve already contacted her. Don’t sell yourself in your profile and try to get her to talk to you, share a few things about who you are. Things that make it seem there’s more to you than the brief(!!). first message. And post a couple pictures. One that shows you having fun and doing something you love to do and another that shows you comfortable among your peers.

So do online dating services really work? They can if you do the right things in the right way. It’s different though, conversations that would take minutes in the real world may take weeks online, but you can also get comfortable with someone in no time at all before ever meeting them.