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How Best to Avoid a Second Date

With the use of computer applications, you can emerge looking gorgeous under the unholy trinity of photoshop. Your pictures look so cute that everyone craves for a first date with you. What about your written profile? Nowadays spell checker and the Internet makes sure that your profile is perfect and it is seen by as many people as possible. With this kind of facilities even the most personality-deficient and illiterate individual cannot miss to land herself a first date. It is not always that a first date turns out to be the beginning a long courtship that leads to marriage. Sometimes you see that guy and after that first meeting you are so sure that you do not want to ever see him again. There are tested strategies to ensure that the first date becomes the last date. You can dodge a second date without much problems.

If you do not want a second date, you have to be a little more creative. Sometimes you really have no way of avoiding to show up for the first date. OK then show up but you do not have to go through the agony of sitting on an unwanted second date. If you are taking some coffee you can choose to ‘forget’ your wallet. It will be good for you if he accepts that you split the bill. Just make it known that you forgot your wallet. Your intention is to bore him stiff to an extent that he does not want a second date with you. Another strategy to help you dodge a second date is crying. Crying on your first date will put him off automatically. It doesn’t matter whether they are sobs of sadness or may be tears of joy. Any tears coming from your eyes will spoil the romantic mood faster than the realization that he is yet to stop sucking his thumb.

Every body who goes for a first date hopes to find a good mannered girl who is most probably a wife material. To ensure that he is pissed off, try to imply bad personality or medical condition. Comment about how you admire your brother’s curvy body especially when he is in his tight pair of trousers. This is not romantic and you will succeed to dodge a second date! To add more salt to the injury you can decide to wonder what that rough skin around your thigh is all about. Talk like you are suggesting that you have some symptoms for herpes. Ask for his opinion and you will be shocked by his reaction.

You might be trying so hard to make this guy disinterested but for some reasons he still looks interested. If you smell some high chances of there being a second date, it is the time to go for the big guns. Talk about your ex-lover. Talk like you are still not over him and how you still believe that he was the one for you. Explain how your parents have never forgiven you for depriving them such a wonderful son-in-law. You can make it more effective by saying that you are even wearing his T-shirt inside your dinner dress. He damped you but you revenged by hacking into all his e-mail addresses and changed all the passwords. You even went further and had sex with his best friend. If he is still put there is no way you will dodge a second date. Give him a chance and go for a second date. He is simply extra-ordinary.