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#1 Best Place in the World to Meet Hot, Young, Available Women

For years and years (probably since the beginning of time) people have been trying to sell advice on how and where to meet women. Most of the time it’s the same old cliche garbage and it causes anyone who puts the advice into action to look like a creep, a stalker, a pervert or a psychopath.

Now allow me to give you a little nugget that has been kept secret a long time and only a select few know about. This secret will open a door into a world of beautiful, fun, glorious single women and the best part is pick up lines are rarely required if ever at all. So where is this secret place you ask?

No it’s not church. Those women are consistently 9’s and 10’s on the crazy scale, go to church to pray, not to meet women. It’s not the grocery store; Stalking women at the salad bar of Whole Foods will likely get you banned for life and you don’t want that, they have an amazing selection of olives and $40 water bottles. Its not the bars, trust me all the bottle service in the world only amounts to a handful of numbers exchanged, usually about the same amount as the number of times a jealous boyfriend try’s to smash your bottle of Grey Goose over your head.

There is a place where women are lined up to meet you wearing their hottest outfits and best shoes and there is so few straight men they literally come talk to you, so you can forget the cheesy pick up lines. That place is the world of fashion shows. Hands down the best place in the world to meet hot single women is at fashion shows.

For half the price of bottle service or the cost of a moderate bar tab, you can buy a VIP seat at a fashion show. You don’t even need a wingman, just go and say you are interested in fashion. Look your best, chill out and the magic will come to you. Make friends with the gay guys and they will literally walk hot single women over to meet you. All this and you probably will get a goodie bag and your picture in a few of the local magazines.

Most models meet there boyfriends at work, FASHION SHOWS! Just be cool, have a cocktail and as women come up to you be polite and charming. Don’t be stressed out that you are there alone, they appreciate that guys are there at all. Its like being a hot girl at a nightclub full of guys from the show Jersey Shore, no one will care that you are alone; the women will simply want to talk to the few guys there.

So forget all the stupid places your friends and your mother told you to go to meet girls and treat yourself to a front row seat at a fashion show. You will meet women and have an amazing time and no one will try and smash a bottle over your head.