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Dating Site Warnings

Just like everything else, dating sites should come with warnings. That way you will have an option to proceed, or to turn around and run!

Here are just a few of the warnings that internet dating sites should post:

We are not responsible for the actions of any of the following “types” you will no doubt meet on this site:

Everything they touch, self destructs. They are negative and negativity is all they attract. Instead of seeing the glass half full or half empty, they have a hard luck story as to why they don’t even have a glass!

This person is here to find new “targets”. They will try and get something out of you. If you don’t fall for the “can you wire me money” scam…they will begin to call you collect.

They feel a free phone call is better than nothing! This is the main type of person that should come with a neon flashing warning!

They are here to see how many phone numbers and private email addresses. They have absolutely no interest in establishing a relationship. Avoid this person like a plague! Do not invest any time, money or emotions into this person…they are an internet dating site sponge. You will never, ever meet this person!

Lock up your credit cards and your debit card! By the second email, this person will try and sell you something. They are usually in a committed relationship and they are using the single sites as a form of business advertisement. Spare the next person…report the “Sales” person to the site administrator. They are in the wrong medium. We do not pay site membership to become a sales target.

If dating sites would post warning signs, a lot of us would stop wasting our time trying to figure out people with alternative motives. It would also spare our feelings, emotions and money!