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Dating And Relationship Advice – How To Find The Right Mate

Dating these days is not easy; let’s face it. When we’re out in the world and in the dating scene, we try to present ourselves in the best light possible. After all, we are sifting for gold, right? The goal in searching for gold is to attract our ideal partner. Wanting to show ourselves at our best is only natural. We don’t want to make faux pas or mistakes, and we don’t want to embarrass ourselves or bring attention to our less than desirable traits. We put our best foot forward, and this can be a great way to attract the type of potential partner we’d like to have.

Being the kind of person that resembles the kind of person you’d like to attract can go a long way to finding the perfect partner for a long-term relationship. Opposites attract, but birds of a feather flock together.

Here’s how that idea works:

If you like someone who is well groomed, the best way to attract that is to groom yourself nicely. If you want someone who loves sports and is active, show your penchant for physical activities and talk about the sport you love best. If you’re truly a person that likes someone who is quiet and caring, forget trying to be upbeat and exciting. Display what it really is that you want in a mate, and you’ll soon find that you socializing in circles where there are people you would love to meet and get to know better.

If you’re seeking to find someone that will be compatible with you and your lifestyle for a long-term relationship, it’s important to reflect an image of what you’re looking for. But keep in mind that while opposites attract, two people at different ends of the spectrum usually don’t have successful relationships. Someone who is completely different from you may be interesting for a short while and you could be contemplating a potential relationship, but two opposites end up fizzling out after the novelty wears off.

Be the kind of person that you’d like to attract. If you know what your needs and requirements are in choosing a mate, you are better equipped to recognize them when you meet them.

If you’ve been in many relationships that have lowered your self-esteem, take time to work on yourself until you feel better about being you. Pause and think about that one!

When you do meet a person that you want to know better, it is easier to be confident and positive if you have already taken care of your emotional baggage from past relationships. It will be easier to mingle and meet new people. Others will be drawn to you who are confident and positive as well.

Be sure to be realistic though – Never try to portray someone you aren’t, deep down in your heart, you’re leading someone else into a relationship built on lies. There’s a fine line between being the type of person you want to attract and giving such a false impression that you’re setting the relationship up for failure from the start.