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Dating Advice – Top 5 Phrases to Put the Man You Are Dating at Ease

We all like to be around people who make us feel good about ourselves, and that goes for men as much as for women. When you’re dating a man, a few choice phrases can go a long way to making him feel more confident, attractive and wanted. Here are the top 5 feel-good phrases to keep that sparkle in his eye through dating and beyond!

It may not be all that politically correct to point this out, but helping women out with certain kinds of simple but traditionally male-type tasks can make a man feel more manly, macho and noble. There’s no need to ask the man you are dating for help with things you can manage by yourself, but when you could do with his assistance, don’t shy away from asking for it.

A lot of men are surprisingly sensitive about the issue of hair loss. If necessary, a little white lie on this front is sure to boost his spirits. ‘Is my hair getting thinner’ is the male equivalent of the question ‘does my bum look big in this?’- the answer has to be: ‘No – of course not!’ In any case, if his hair is thinning, there’s not all that much he can do about it, so there really isn’t any point in him worrying.

Women may talk more often about their body worries, but men often have anxieties about their looks, just as we do (they just prefer to keep them to themselves!). Typically, men may worry about whether their clothes look right for the dating occasion, if their tummy looks too big and whether their facial hair is in good shape. Complimenting his appearance as soon as you see him will put all those fears to rest – giving him the opportunity to focus all that attention on you!

It is easy to get into the habit of pointing out someone’s mistakes when they’re talking to you. This can be an important part of a lively discussion and playfulness, but we all like to be right from time to time. If you let the man you are dating know you think he is right about certain things (as long as you actually do think so), it will give him confidence to speak his mind, and it will let him know you are happy to be on his side.

Communication is very valuable when it comes to intimacy and this is the perfect way to guide the man you are dating while letting him initiate the behaviour in the first place – thus giving him the impression of being in charge in a manly way. If you like it when he strokes your hair or whispers something in your ear, for example, tell him so. This will make him feel like a man and give him the confidence to initiate your favourite kinds of intimate gestures more often. Keep giving him this kind of positive feedback and the results will speak for themselves.