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Men – Is Online Dating For Losers?

Do you want to spend your life hanging out in bars and clubs waiting for women to approach you? Personally, I’m too old for that kinda thing. So now I take things online and believe me… there’s a whole world of eager, beautiful women waiting for a guy like you to meet up with them. Plenty more fish in the sea? There is when you have immediate access to the entire ocean.

I gotta tell you… trawling clubs and bars for The One is pretty hard work. Much easier to just sit on your butt and tap away online, right? You can find and meet beautiful, sexy women on Facebook, MySpace, Match wherever you want. Don’t believe for a second that only those folks who can’t get hooked up in ‘the real world’ hang around online. That’s a shockingly outdated stereotype. In fact — I’m willing to bet that the hottest women now spend most of their time online… purely for convenience. Think about it, we all have busy lives, if you want to meet up with someone why not just log-in to an online account? In minutes you can have a sizzling hot date lined up for the very same evening… And in a few hours from turning on your PC you could be lying in bed with some sexy blonde or brunette.

Thank God for the Internet! Of course, that makes it sound real easy but unless you follow a strict set of rules — a kind of online pick-up blueprint — you’ll fall flat on your ass and probably get kicked off most of the sites. Sexy, gorgeous babes are just waiting to come across your profile. But you have to do things right… your profile needs to be laid out in a certain way. When you follow-up there are certain things you must say to increase your chances. It’s all a process you can learn easily, fortunately.

Trust me when I say that there is a ton of hot women online, who really have their act together. Many are super busy business types who don’t have time to trawl the bars to find a drunken date.

Many are really sporty types, who are too busy keeping their bodies super toned.

Many just are sick of loud bars and drunken oafs leering all over them.

Given that you can now join some online dating sites for free (plenty of fish for example) there is no excuse for not getting on there, setting yourself up a profile and seeing how you get on. There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Think about how exciting you’ll find it each time you log on to find 3 or 4 new messages from sexy women eager to meet you. Mmmm…hold that thought for a minute…