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Online Dating – Emails To Ignore

With online dating, there are certain emails to delete or simply ignore.

First…delete the ones that aren’t worthy of a reply! Those will include, but

certainly not limited to:

1. Emails that include (

) pictures of their genitals

(yes…that’s what I said!)

2. People that are blatantly looking for sexual partners…


3. If your profile states: No photo…No response? Disregard email from

people without photos.

4. I disregard all of the ones I consider silly and a waste of my time. Such as:

“wat up?” “Hey you!” “How You doin’?” “Haven’t I seen you somewhere

before?” (Yes…they use the same pick up line offline


Second…the ones you’re not interested in but feel obligated to respond to:

1. Religious beliefs that you are totally opposed to.

2. Relationship status’ that you steer clear of! (Recently divorced…legally

separated for 10 years…divorced but still living together…open


3. Many children…by many


4. Liars…very obvious liars! (No matter what part of your relationship the following lies surface…? Whether they state it in the profiles, or they

it in later…? Do Not Walk! Run…and NO! You do not owe them an explanation!)

that claim to be doctors and lawyers, yet they are so grammatically challenged…they can’t write 1 complete sentence, without every other word being grossly mis-spelled!

that claim to be 38, yet they are so proud of their oldest son…

that claim to be retired. When they are actually unemployed and waiting for a settlement…that was


that are all hugged up with a woman in their photo…but says she’s their

For this pile, I send the following generic note:

“Thanks for your interest, but I believe someone else would be better suited for you than me. Good luck in your search!”

Believe it or not, some will feel

to contact you

. The response will be either…”Why?” or “I’m not

! I was just trying to be friendly!”

Sometimes…”Good luck? You’re the one that needs it B****! And…”How do you know I’m not the right one. You don’t even know me!”

As far as I’m concerned, I feel no obligation to respond any further. It’s just a waste of time. With some people, even though you’ve sent them the “thanks but no thanks” note, they will continue the back and forth banter. Just let it go!

As I’ve explained, there are some emails to ignore. The main reason? Some people are

just time wasters. While you are wasting your time with them, “The One” may slip by.

I’m sure you don’t want that to happen!