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Online Dating Questions You Should Never Ask Or Answer

When beginning to communicate with an online date match, it can be tempting to ask questions that may possibly be considered inappropriate. Until you have established a true bond with your new match, some questions may be viewed as overly intrusive and trigger them to avoid communicating with you.

But the reverse also holds true in that they may ask you disturbing questions that you prefer not to answer. So, not only do you need to understand what questions not to pose, but what to do if they are asked of you. Here are some guidelines that can help you to avoid this potential Internet dating mine field.

Most often, the answer is that either you or your date match may desire to discover more about each other as soon as possible. But you should keep in mind that you or they may be feeling strong anticipation, and your emotions and how you act should be tempered with reason. Patience is a virtue that you should respect, not only with your online match, but also with yourself.

At the beginning phase of dating online, you will only understand your match based on their dating profile and similarly, they can only understand you based on yours. Even though a profile may appear amazing, it is difficult and often impossible to verify that everything stated is the truth. This is when message exchanges become important in discovering more about each other.

Once you are provided with a match, the next step involves exchanging messages through the dating website. Do not be tempted to sidetrack the dating site messaging facilities because these exist to protect your privacy. However, one thing they will likely not be able to entirely protect you from are the wrong questions presented at the wrong time whether by you or your match.

Understanding what not to ask is one aspect but another important consideration is how to respond to dates in the best way. How and if you respond to them will likely only help you in determining if your online date match is either suitable for you, or perhaps someone you may choose to avoid entirely.

You can approach any of these questions either directly or in a general manner, but the final choice remains and depends on your opinion and feelings about your date match. You may choose to respond to all such questions in the same manner by simply providing any of the following general responses:

Q: Why are you still single?

A: Just lucky I guess, so what is your issue?

Q: What happened in your previous relationship?

A: Absolutely nothing, that is why I am using online dating.

Q: Why are you looking for a relationship?

A: Why not? Actually, my cat died and I am bored.

Q: What happened with your marriage?

A: It was too good and I was not good enough.

Q: Where do you live?

A: Somewhere, but this is not my home planet.

Q: How much money do you make?

A: More than enough, how are you doing?

Q: Why should I trust you?

A: You have nothing to lose and I may have nothing to gain.

Q: Why are you dating online?

A: The remote possibility of meeting someone interesting, are you it?

Q: How many sexual partners have you had?

A: So far, not enough to make me happy, how about you?

Q: Are you okay with multiple partners?

A: Of course, but being a lawyer, I will still need to review their resumes.

In conclusion, there are both appropriate and inappropriate questions to ask or be asked of when dating online. Having an understanding of what not to ask will help you, as will providing a suitable responsible to those online dates that may ask the wrong questions, at least at the wrong time.