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Big, Beautiful Women Dating Sites

The average size woman is not a size 8 as the fashion industry would lead you to believe, she is actually a size 14. Nor is the average man a 40 regular, he is on average a size 44. It is estimated that 130 million people in the USA are considered plus size while the estimate for the world wide population of plus size people tips the scales at 1.6 billion people. You won’t find curves on a size 2! Recent surveys show that men love curves, so if you are seeking plus size love on the web why not try a BBW dating site? With so many people considered plus size, there is definitely a market for big beautiful women dating sites.

There are a number of big beautiful women dating sites out there to get you started. Some are the average dating sites with a section dedicated to the “plus size person” or the “plus size admirer”. Other sites are designed specifically for the bigger person. On these sites you will meet people that are looking for someone like you. They all appreciate your size and your curves. They like you for how you look, your personality and whom you really are. They aren’t looking for the “barbie or ken”, they are looking for real people, with beauty inside and out. There are thousands of people on these sites wanting to date, flirt, find a long term relationship or find the love of their life. You will see BBW which stands for….big beautiful women, BHM….big handsome man, SSBBW or SSBHM, meaning super sized and FA….these are people that are not necessarily plus size but are admirers.

Once you choose the bbw dating site or sites you would like to try, sign up with them. They will ask you to create an account and a profile. You need not use your name on your profile page. You can make up a catchy nickname to use. An example might be Hotguy4u, or Cutencuddly. Choose something that fits your personality. Fill out as much information about yourself as possible, include hobbies, interests and what your looking for in a man/woman. Be honest and be yourself. Adding a picture of yourself can increase your messages and flirts a lot. Be sure to add a recent picture, not one that is a few years old. There will be options that allow you to send messages, pictures and as well options that allow you to read and respond to them. If there isn’t a spark simply don’t respond or if they don’t get “the message” you can always block them. No need to worry about being bothered by someone your not interested in. You control your page. Make sure you take the time to get to know your new admirer. Not every new friend may be “the one” but there is potential to meet new friends as well.

There are so many benefits to online dating. You have the opportunity to meet people you may never have crossed paths with. Find new and interesting friends. Chat with people you thought you didn’t have anything in common with and learn new things. It increases your self esteem to see new messages and to have someone interested in you. You’re big, your beautiful/handsome, so flirt, date or find the love of your life.