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Online Dating Tips – Ditch the Bad User Name

In the booming world of online dating, the amount of detail involved in profile competition is nothing short of astounding. What separates you from the thousands of others proving themselves to be the dating opportunity of the century? Your free-text answers, fixed choice answers, pictures, and even your greeting line in a message can make or break your chances of finding that perfect match. But there’s one thing that many users today overlook – the username.

Sorry, lovepanther44, but the most witty and artistically detailed profile page can’t always save you from your own username. Sure, a great subject line in your message to that special person is a hook to spark their interest. However, remember this: your username is right next door to your flawless and witty pop culture reference to hook in your recipient.

So, what then makes a good username? Well, it’s more a matter of what makes a bad username. Some things to avoid:

This is a good thing to leave out of your username. More likely than not, it reveals that the physical relationship is at such a forefront of your mind that it made its way into the very first field you are asked to fill out when signing up for a dating service.

There are probably a lot of people who shoot for the name “DrFun.” Contrary to mathematical theory, “DrFun20055” is not twenty-thousand times more creative. In fact, it reveals that you weren’t creative enough to think of something more original. Try to keep your username to a, well…name.

Capitalization in a username should follow common sense rules. It should be used at the beginning of the username, the first letter in a proper noun, or to create contrast between two words. To separate two words, an underscore is also often used. Of course, capitalization is optional and many users choose to use only lowercase letters. However, if you do use it, keep it to one of the conditions listed.

It is a well-known fact that in the world of online dating, special attention is brought to even minor grammatical or spelling errors. Don’t put your spelling error at the head of your dating front-lines. Use spell check if you need to.

People like easy things. Imagine this: that special other is trying to show their friend how great your new profile pictures are, but can’t quite remember how to spell “Zykillex55.” Keep your username simple and easy to remember/spell. It likely won’t make or break the majority of your matches, but none-the-less makes you easier to remember.

While the above list is generally a good guideline to follow when choosing a username, there are also a few others to keep in mind. For example, many users find the need to include their birthday or year of birth in their username. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, remember that it reveals a certain degree of personal information. Along the same guidelines, use of your initials in your username can also inadvertently reveal personal information. Don’t let your username get in the way of finding your best matches in the online dating world!