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Speed Dating Tips – Are You Ready To Play The Dating Game

Speed dating is the in thing on the dating scenario these days and for those who want to maximize their speed dating experience, speed dating tips are the call of the hour. Speed dating essentially involves chatting up a person of the opposite sex within a very short period of time, say 3 to 5 minutes. If you are doubtful about this procedure of laying yourself bare within that short a time then this article will give you a few useful tips to get comfortable with a woman in a short time and actually enjoy a speed dating encounter:


Speed Dating Tips#1

Try and look good for the occasion. Speed dating is all about first impression and your appearance is crucial while making that impression. Spruce up your clothes a bit, for women, it is advisable to wear something attractive but not over the top. For men, the trick is not get to formal, and yet refrain from wearing the same jeans you wear everyday, so that you look different from the others at the occasion but not too much.

Speed Dating Tips#2

Do your best to help the other person relax, and you can not do that if you are nervous. So try and relax, and put on a brave honest smile, be careful not to evince signs of nervousness or boredom, and fake confidence will not get you far in this case. Smile a forthcoming smile and be honest, exude a positive energy and you will automatically put your date at ease.

Speed Dating Tips#3

Body language is another thing you have to watch because you give away lot through your body language. Try to sit up straight, and not to appear too defensive by keeping your arms akimbo. Be careful not too gesticulate too much with your hands, but a few gestures are fine as they indicate energy and dynamism. Show a little interest by leaning slightly forward but do not overdo it.

Speed Dating Tips#4

In order to keep the conversation going smoothly, ask questions which will enable you to prolong the conversation, not just factual ones like “where do you work?”, but ones that will enable you to know more about the person concerned, like questions about her childhood or her tastes in books or music etc.

Speed Dating Tips#5

Instead of continuously talking about yourself try and lead the conversation towards your partner, draw him or her out of their shells, and direct the conversation toward their interests and hobbies.

Speed Dating Tips#6

Within a short time of this encounter you will probably receive the contact details of your date, if that person reciprocated your interest. Thank them, be polite, but be brief and don’t come on too strong or you might end up annoying them. Give them time to get back to you, be patient.

Speed Dating Tips#7

Try and have fun and don’t take it too hard if it does not work out the way you planned. Do not take it personally, if nothing else you get to meet new people and make a couple of friends. This is no test of your desirability, so take it easy and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!