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Mistakes People Do While Dating

While dating has to be fun but it is also the time when you find out more about the person you are dating. If this time is used constructively it can help you a lot more about learning about the other person interest, attitude, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Do not give away yourself that easily just because you found a good guy or a good girl. Make sure that you are compatible.

In general the idea of a date to most people is that they will go together and watch a movie. Watching a movie together is a good idea about fun on a date but it definitely does not give you any idea about the other person. So if your partner insists on a movie date make sure that you have enough time to spend together afterwards. Say for example you can book a dinner at a quite place which will afford you the luxury of spending some time together. The plus side is that dinner will help you to know more about the other persons food habits and interests.

Silences is what mars the dates as people usually do not known what to ask and how to start a conversation after the initial conversation ends. Make sure that you have enough ideas in your kitty to avoid those awkward silences. Also make sure that those conversations lead you onto knowing more about the person at the other end. Ask about future dreams and past life experiences as opposed to asking questions which will only elicit a yes or a no and you will be staring at another silence.

Never plan a date which is not a normal activity like paragliding or a going out for a theatre or even trying to go to a noisy pub. You may love it but the other person may not. Wait till you get to know more about that person to plan something. But yes try a date which will have you both doing something together which help you understand the partner attitude towards life. Let us say you try mountain climbing or even hiking make sure that you this together and it will tell you whether he has that zest for life and zeal to accomplish a fe w things when started.

That said make sure to enjoy and have fun on the date and do not get very serious while asking these probing questions as that will throw the person off guard and you will never get an honest answer.