Counseling For Christian Singles

Many Christian singles who have had problems in their dating relationships could use a good dose of Christian counseling, but most churches considered the term ” Christian counseling” an oxymoron. Well today this service is in the mainstream of church body life. In fact, many larger churches employ ministers who provide professional help for their congregations.

How to Choose a Good Service

Many Christian singles use Christian counseling for a variety of issues including dealing with abusive dating relationships, commitment phobia issues, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, low self esteem and sexual abuse. Perhaps you found this article because you feel your loved one has need of a Christian counselor? If you are looking for one consider the following before choosing:

In order to choose the best Christian counseling service for you familiarize yourself with the variety of counselors out there. And take care because the term “Christian counseling” may mean one the term may mean one thing to one person and one to another. Here are a few of the titles and their roles. Of course, there may be some crossover among Christian counseling titles:

Lay and Pastoral Christian Counseling – These are Christians who may have the gift of encouragement and be able to give wise counseling to other in the church body. However, these folks generally do not possess professional degrees.

Professional Christian Counseling Services- Among these you will come across those who possess a number of different degrees which qualifies them in certain areas. For your own benefit, you should know the differences between them:

Licensed Social Workers (LSW, CSW, LCSW ) – These guys have a Master’s degree in Social Work or some related social science. If we are talking about the US, each stated has a required state exam and other prerequisites (hospital insternships) in order to get certified.

Licensed Clinical Psychologists (LCP) – Psychologists who perform Christian counseling have earned a doctoral deree (Ph.D).

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC, CADAC) – Christian counselors who specialize in counseling for additions like alcohol and drugs generally possess at least a BA or MA in this specialized field.

Christian Psychiatrists- These are also MD’s who can dispense prescriptions for anti-depressants or anti-anxiety drugs

Questions to Ask a Christian Counseling Service

After you’ve decided what kind of Christian counselor you or your loved one may need, set your level expectations of what it is you think it will accomplish. Connected with this you may want to ask the prospective Christian counselor a whole range of questions in order to get a feel if you have a good fit. You can work off a list such as this:

* What are the fee scales, and do they accept your insurance?

* Does the counselor have a state license or certification? If so what is his or her degree and specialty?

* Have they ever dealt with your kinds of issues?

* How does their concept of Christian counselor integrate the Word of God into their Christian counseling?

* What kind of denominational background does the Christian counselor have? What are their core beliefs?

Overall, choosing the right Christian counseling service can make the difference between healing or continued suffering, so take the time to pray over the situation before committing to just anybody.