Online Dating – Should You Meet Your Online Love?

Only the two of you will know for sure. However, I am going to give my opinion.

Should you meet your online love? Maybe, but only after the two of you have communicated in every possible way. And the both of you are at the same “emotional” level.

If one of you would like to meet and “hook up” and the other person wants to meet to talk about your “future together”. Then my answer is absolutely not! You haven’t taken the time to even know what both of you want in terms of a relationship.

Do not meet until the both of you are on the same page. I will admit, that may never happen. If it doesn’t happen? Then I do not think you should meet.

Should you meet your online love? Maybe, after both of you have gone through the entire “infatuation” phase. You know…when the two of you are walking on cloud 9…

Once both of you have come down from cloud 9, and you both are looking at each other and the relationship from a level of maturity and reality? I think the two of you may be ready to meet.

Please make sure all of the cards are on the table and no one is holding anything back regarding the past, present and the future.

Please do not wait until you are face-to-face to let your “new love” know that you are a twice convicted felon! If there is the possibility that you may be pregnant from your last relationship please disclosed that little fact before making plans to meet.

(You may think I am making this up…my imagination really isn’t this good!)

Should you meet your online love? Only when you are both on the same page and have been 100% honest with each other! And not until then!