Top Seven Dating Etiquettes For Women

You’ve had sleepless nights. Your secret crush finally asked you for a date. You are so ready to go – though it will still happen two days from now. You have already prepared for your look – from your hairstyle down to your shoes. Your ‘script’ for a conversation is also ready should your date run out of words to say or stories to tell. But, you have forgotten one thing: there are etiquettes that you should know to avoid ruining the first-ever or most-awaited date of yours. Check this list for your guidance.

1. Be a good listener.

Because your date is the one who invited you, he is supposed to introduce himself to you. He is the one to share things about him. Be a good listener then. Be attentive to what he says. Be polite. Do not cut him from his talk. If you wish to speak, let him finish first. In this way, you will know more about him. Isn’t dating supposed to be discovering the man in front of you?

2. Be respectful of his opinion.

Do not be rude. Do not be opinionated. Respect his opinions. Do not try to argue just to make your point clear to him. Remember, this should be an enjoyable night.

3. Be appreciative.

He prepared this date for you, right after settling from your seat, say ‘thank you’ for his invitation. This will break all the tensions he has while waiting for you. Yes, men do feel the tension during dates.

4. Be punctual.

Yes, it is a tradition that men should come earlier than women in the restaurant where they will be dating. But please, do not make it too long or else, he will lose the excitement he felt earlier. Of, if he will fetch you in your home, make sure that you are ready to go when he comes.

5. Be polite

Learn to appreciate and be contented with what he has in store for your dinner date. For an instance, if you do not like the food, do not make him feel that you do by ordering your own food. Just try to eat what is in the table. Moreover, make use of good languages – do not attempt to utter even a single bad word.

6. Dress properly.

Do not go overdress; in fact, it may help if you will ask your date if he will require a formal or informal wear. This way, you will not feel uncomfortable if you will see dress in formal and you, in casual clothes.

7. Let him pay for the bills.

Do not try show off. Do not tell him that you will share with him whatever costs have been incurred because of the date. It will make him feel embarrassed.

Follow these rules of the thumb and surely, you will hear him say before he bids you good bye: “Can I ask you again for a date?” You deserve it because you have been so good for a date.