How to Use Nigerian Dating Sites

Nigerian dating sites are arguably still in there infancy. The attitude of the Nigerian market has been similar to other markets around the world. Even the writer used to be with the crowd who confined online dating in general to people who were desperate or layabouts! Today, we have a growing number of Nigerian dating sites and it’s just fitting that those who use online dating use it to precision effect.

1. Upload a picture of yourself-

Very many of us buy the idea of creating a profile on Nigerian dating sites but shy away from uploading a picture of ourselves! Truth is (I stand to be corrected) many still feel it’s demeaning to have a picture of themselves on an online dating site! Meeting online is like meeting anywhere else and you don’t hide your face behind a mask in the bus, office, club, church etc. Online dating is not all about folks desperately looking for love! Upload a picture please and it’s no disgrace or shame!

2. Write an essay describing yourself and what you’re looking for-

One of the magic of online dating is the control it gives you over your choice of who you want to date. I dare say what you say, about yourself in the essay to describe yourself and what you are looking for, is the trigger for whoever would contact you (if it’s not a free site…free sites are unruly!). It’s no blowing of trumpets…it’s giving an idea of what kind of person you are and what you may be looking for.

3. Search the site-

The reason why you signed up to a dating site is to possibly meet that ‘special someone’, so, you should search the site! All dating sites have the facility to do a basic or advanced search, the advanced search is meant to give you more options in searching. For example, an advanced search could give you the option of choosing to filter results by sex, age, height, weight and uploaded picture amongst other options. Now, imagine everyone who signs up to a Nigerian dating site practice what we have outlined here…you should quickly find someone who matches your likes and dislikes and that takes us to the last part of our article.

4. Pay when you are ready for more personal contact-

A paid site is the safest kind of online dating as you meet a different class of people who are not out to waste time or spam other site members. I would cheekily say that a free Nigerian dating site would be full of some of our ‘brothers’ who want to spam and possibly play games with other site members.

Once you think you are ready for more personal contact with other site members, you have to make a payment to access all the features that range from instant messaging, audio/video chat, 3D Chat, 3D City amongst others. A growing number of sites provide exciting features that should even make the average online dater make an upfront payment to have full access to all the provided features.