Understanding Men – Why Men Love the Chase

Its hard to know what’s going on in a man’s mind. That why relationships can be incredibly frustrating sometimes. In this article we’ll delve deep into the depths of the male psyche so you can understand men’s mind’s better and improve your dating and relationships with the opposite sex. 

Men love chasing women. They love to think that a woman is just out of their reach and if they push a little bit harder they can catch her. This is a good thing for you.  Firstly, it means you shouldn’t try to hard to get a mans interest or attention. You don’t need to and its counter productive. 

You don’t have to pursue romantic relationships like business deals. There a different sort of thing. Romantic relationships have a certain flow and build up. Two steps forward, one step back. Most of the fun is in not being certain how things will pan out. If you sit down and discuss where your relationship is going that takes away the mystery for you and then guy. Then both of you put less effort into the relationship. 

If you show to much interest in the early stages a lot of guys will perceive this as neediness. They’ll might think that you’re desperate or that you have no other options. They’ll worry that you’ll try to push him into getting married or having babies before he’s ready. It’s a natural instinct in men to chase women. It’s been there since we lived in caves. Men want to capture things. If things come to easily to them, then they don’t place as much value on them. 

So I hope you understand men just a little bit better now. And remember there are loads of quality guys out there so whatever you do, don’t settle!