Why Pay a Monthly Fee to Join a Dating Website? Pay Per Contact Instead!

Why have people found dating websites difficult to use in the past? Well one might guess its because often people are compelled to register with a site and set up their profile and pay to upgrade themselves to a member with advanced communication options. All this is expected before a member could really have the opportunity or the access to browse and search profiles in the database.

What’s really needed is a system more flexible so potential members can browse, see if there is someone registered that meets their criteria that seems interesting enough to contact.

The requirement to pay a monthly access fee to a dating website is also tough. The reason for this is because it takes a long time to build up trust in a friendship you might develop with someone online. If it takes you four to six months to get to know somebody properly, and the women will understand this, it is like an investment. It takes a long time to grow and usually money. Why spend money every month to be part of a group in the hope that you will meet that special someone? Well the answers to these questions lie in further postings by me. But essentially, you as a dating site member would like to meet someone special. Therefore you should only pay to contact the right person when you are ready, not beforehand.

There are a couple of Australian dating sites that offer a pay-per-contact deal with the new member. This way is far better and means you, as a client, have more time to search for a more ideal partner online. There is not as much time pressure to get your value. You find the person or people that best fit your criteria, offer them a virtual kiss or wink message or whatever free communication methods may be available at your disposal, then if you receive a positive reply, you have a contact you can email. Then you are ready to pay for contact privileges.