Atlanta Singles Dating Relationships Type #1 – The Recreational Dating Relationship

Single and dating can be a great position to be in if you look at it properly. Being single is not a condition to cure, is is an opportunity for sure.

Recreational dating is a perfectly acceptable option. To do this with integrity, you need to be clear with yourself and those you date about what you are doing.

The purpose of recreational dating is not to find the love of your life, but to simply have fun and satisfy social needs, as we are social creatures.

The goal of recreational dating is simple – to have fun, meet social needs in the short term and perhaps practice for later relationships.

Here are a few of the characteristics of recreational dating:

The purpose is to have fun

On the importance of boundaries in recreational dating

One of the most important things to be very clear about while dating recreationally is the issue of boundaries. One way to think of boundaries is the popular saying “Don’t go there!”

Important boundaries revolve around depth of commitment and involvement, amount of time, sexual involvement, expectations about the future and the present, and whether the kids will meet and know this person or not.

Often times this is the best way to start if you are coming out of a divorce or painful breakup. Sometimes you need to go slow and check out the water at first.