Online Dating – How To Deal With His Ex

Whether we like it or not, we will have to deal with his Ex. Now I really don’t fully understand why we have to deal with Ex’s in our online relationship but we do!

First of all, never forget the fact that it is his Ex, not yours! Take note of this: Stay Out Of It! Even when he decides he wants to talk to you about. Please stay neutral…as with everything else there are two sides.

You are not doing the relationship any good by teaming up with the new guy against his Ex. More than likely, one day you will be someone’s Ex!

Ex’s have the reputation of being a problem, sometimes for no reason at all. I had someone’s Ex, put a restraining order against me…but I was 3,000 miles away at the time. (But 2 weeks later when I was there? She temporarily disappeared! Yes…I drove 3,000 miles, but that is another story!)

Back to you…How to deal with his Ex…

Do not ask about what is going on.

Let him handle his problem.

Never, Ever offer your opinion unless it is positive! (Trust me on this!)

Ask about the children and how they are handling all of the conflict.

Avoid topics that include his Ex.

Avoid topics about your Ex.

How to deal with his Ex…

It is a never ending battle. Never forget this…if it seems to over shadow every aspect of the relationship you are trying to set up, please sit down and talk to your New Love about it.

If the Ex is still making your relationship a “three some”, it is time to go. Tell him just that! “I think you are a wonderful guy and I had hoped we had a future. But your Ex is turning our new relationship into a threesome. Hopefully in the near future you will find a way to get her out of your life and make room for me. When that happens and if I am still available, maybe we can give it another try.”

Being the good person that you are, you deserve better, and never let yourself settle for less!