Online Dating – Is He A Liar?

Is he a liar? There are a lot of ways that will give you certain clues. You just have to listen…ask questions…and listen to the answers.

His relationship status is a good place to start. Listen closely…he said he married his high school sweetheart the summer after his graduation. He loves children…unfortunately they didn’t have any. As time goes by, he gets really ticked off because his check was garnished for back child support! Is he a liar? I think it’s time to start asking a few questions…

Next, let’s figure out his occupation…It’s winter time with lots of rain. He is home during the day because he works construction. Now it’s spring time…and he’s still home. One day, he needs to borrow $400 for rent…his workers compensation check is late. “It’s the first time it’s been late in the last two years!” What’s the deal…?

Let’s talk about family time…He said he is very possessive over his belongings actually, he’s borderline selfish! As a child, he was shuffled from foster home to foster home. Now it’s time to play the sympathy card…”…you have no idea what it feels like…growing up without the love of a family”…) (In your mind you are planning little things you can do to make him feel loved…)

It’s time for the holidays! Christmas Eve, the two of you are on the phone playing “back down memory lane”. From his voice and silliness, you could tell he had a little to drink. One of his favorite memories? Spending Christmas Eve night at the grand parent’s house …with his 4 siblings! As children, they looked forward to that all year! He hated when his grand parents realized he no longer believed in Santa Claus…You tell me…Is He A Liar?

My advice to singles online? Start all internet relationships by listening to your “mind” not your heart. Trust your good ole’ common sense. Ask lots of questions…You will be glad you did!