Writing the First Email For Online Dating

It is always easier to establish a connection with someone whom you are genuinely interested in – read their bio before you send them an email. Pay close attention to their writing tone and style, look for commonalities and other aspects of that person that you might be interested in. This immediately gives you a higher chance for creating a connection and finding a good match.

This is the very first line your prospect will read in your email. It is crucial and if it does not grab their attention, the email will probably get deleted without being read. The purpose of the subject line is to create curiosity. Whatever you write, it needs to be intriguing and compelling, forcing your prospect to open it.

– From: tuxedo22 – “WARNING, this content may interest you…”

Say things that are unexpected, this stage always demands some creativity and by being different, your emails will stand out.

DO NOT send the following message: “Hey how is it going, I thought your profile was interesting, want to chat?” It is thee single most redundant and boring first email in the history of online dating and will drop your chances of getting a reply dramatically. You have got to be different, interesting and most importantly – engaging. There are a variety of methods you can use, here are some great conversation starters to engage your candidate:

Tell a short story and ask for their advice about something you share in common, make it fun and playful (keep in mind this story will reflect a lot about who you are.) It will give your prospect the opportunity to talk about something they are interested in, making the conversation easier to start.

Taking something in their photo or profile and playfully teasing them with it:

┬ĚSomething they are wearing in a photo

┬ĚSomething they wrote about

┬ĚThe place they took their photo, etc.

The reason why this works is because you are immediately challenging your prospect – a very different and unique approach.

Finding a commonality and working off it. It is a great way to break the ice, become grounded and real to the person you are establishing a connection with. Read their profile, find things that you have in common together and build upon those experiences.

There are different ways to open people up into an online conversation, the one thing they all have in common is: they are all engaging and conversational. Write like you are talking face to face with that person. The most important thing is to write confidently and make it fun! Do not be afraid of rejection or getting no response, the reasons are always unknown so don’t take it personally. There are thousands of other potential prospects and it grows everyday. Do not go in expecting immediate results, but expect to learn from every interaction. Keep a journal of which 1st emails worked for you, it will become a great reference source for your development. DO NOT send off an interview sheet, nothing is more redundant or mundane than getting a list of questions:

So what do you do for a living? What is your favorite color? Where are you from? How do you like your coffee? What do you do for a living? Did I already ask that?

The response is always: be more interesting or go away!