Dating Advice For Women – When is the Best Time to Have Sex?

So finally you found your guy online, wondering if having sex with him early is the right thing to do. You might want to ask yourself these questions before you jump into a relationship!

Are you thinking if a guy equates a relationship with sex? Do you want to know if sleeping with a guy means he wants to start a relationship with you? Are you thinking about having your man wait for sex? What dating advice for women really works?

Many women in the US are wondering about this as we speak and these are women who wish to know if sex automatically means “relationship”. Read this article on dating advice for women if you don’t wish to get hurt and if you want to understand what his true meanings are.

For example, if you were the main character in Gone With the Wind and you are currently seeing someone like Rhett Butler, you can be assured in such a situation that sex means having a relationship. Those eras were so conservative that even sleeping in the same bed with a woman meant you were supposed to marry her.

Purity and virginity issues were very big and men usually had to wait until marriage to have sex with his woman. This is a different time and things have changed greatly. You can now really know if you are marrying a man for all the right reasons and not just for the sex he can deliver. This is dating advice for women you can really use.

You need to be girlfriend material. If you were wondering if men think that sex means you’re having a relationship, you would be sadly disappointed. Men see sex and relationships as being completely different and you need to decide which category you belong in.

If you’re lucky enough to have a man actually ask you out, contacts you on a regular basis and wants to spend time with you, being flirtatious around you, then you’re in luck and he may be telling you that he wants a relationship.

Pay attention to dating advice for women, however and if he calls you only every so often and does so late at night, you are just a friend with benefits and he will see you that way only.

Consider making him wait. This is excellent dating advice for women. If you find yourself feeling serious about a guy and want him to become your next boyfriend, it helps to let him know that men don’t always see sex as leading to a relationship.

And it pays to make him wait until you know what his real intentions are before you have sex with him. Gets a relationship going with the guy in order to have that relationship established before you go so far as having sex with him.