Top 3 Dating Mistakes – Avoid These and Succeed

Few things are as important, in life, as a good woman by your side. The sense of wholeness it provides is fulfilling to say the least. Avoid these 3 mistakes and take your success to the next level.

1. Grooming. You should present your self in the best way possible. Neat, clean and well groomed will get the attention of most women. Make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh. Women are 10 times more able to sense these things than men. Just because your buddies never say anything about your grooming habits is no reason to ignore them.

2. Approach from the side. Do not walk directly up to the woman you are approaching. This is confrontational and a little scary for the woman. Approach from the side, don’t try to sneak in but rather move in slowly, confidently and with purpose. A sincere smile is always good. The best opening line is “Hey whats your name.” It works for me every time.

3. Do not talk to a woman and look down or let your eyes dart around. Doing this sends all the wrong signals. Instead you should keep eye contact until she looks away. This shows your confidence and good will. With some practice you can learn to build massive attraction with your eyes alone.

Good grooming, a thought out approach and the correct eye contact will put you way out in front of your competition. Getting the women you want boost your confidence in all areas of your life. Take it to the next level and enjoy.