Writing the Best Profile at Dating Websites

Although it is relatively easy to find a date at any one of the numerous dating websites, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right is not that simple. You want the right person to be attracted to you and writing the best profile possible is the optimum way to accomplish this. The following information will help you write a better profile at these websites and enhance your chances of having a better dating the first time you meet that other individual.

Keep the profile short and to the point – too many individuals make the mistake of being too eloquent. Remember, you are writing an interesting summary of who you are, not your auto-biography.

Compose a list of what you are looking for in a mate – how else are you going to attract the right person without telling them what you are searching for? Start with the most critical and work your way down to the least important. Go over that list and make any necessary revisions. You may discover that you forgot a specific element or included one that was not a 100% necessity.

Include the top 5 traits in your profiles at the websites you’ve joined – you don’t want to overdo it, but you do want potential matches to feel you have plenty to offer them as a mate. Include keywords and keyword phrases that include these traits.

Make a rough list of your personality traits – these traits should be those that are absolutely unchangeable. After all, you don’t want to be someone you’re not and that potential partner should want your honesty as well.

Pick the primary 4 or 5 traits and include them in your profile – additionally, you want to eliminate those traits that you feel won’t be that important to your potential mate. Include keywords and keyword phrases for these, too.

Remember that your potential mate is going to scrutinize your profile – when you are composing a profile for these different websites for dating, you want to choose your words wisely. Changing a description from “successful” to “ambitious” could make all the difference in the world, whether you are describing yourself or a trait that you want your mate to have.

Compose your profile headline – include the three most important traits you are looking for in your potential mate and the three most important ones that describe who you are. The purpose of the profile is to gain the other person’s attention, while these traits should hold their interest.