Online Dating – How To End The Online Relationship

Ending relationships are usually unpleasant. (However, I can think of a couple of relationships I enjoyed ending!) But online relationships can be a little tricky. Now with all of the “blogging”, an ugly break up can come back and bite you!

One thing I have learned about ending an online relationship? Is that if you decide to do it…do it! Do not waver back and forth and still send them a joke…a cute photo…a birthday card… That isn’t fair. You are giving mixed messages.

When you decide an online relationship is not going the right way, or it is somehow inappropriate…end it!

How to end the online relationship…

Be sure, be clear, be direct, and to the point.

Once you are sure, I would send the following email; “I personally do not feel this relationship is what I need right now. I’m glad that we have met, but it is time to end it. I wish you nothing but good luck.”

That’s it…will the person continue to contact you? Probably. But, do not respond. No matter what, do not respond.

You can expect to receive emails and phone calls varying from rage to insults to begging. Do not respond! If you do, the relationship is back to square one and you will have to start all over again!

How to end the online relationship…

You have already put yourself through enough emotional trauma making the decision to end the relationship. To start over is like ripping the scab off of a sore!

Look out for you! You deserve it!