Online Dating – Can You Really Fall In Love Online?

Singles will always be skeptical of online relationships. Can you really fall in love online? Absolutely, and it is happening every single day.

Let’s look at it a little closer…

You meet someone online. You both commit to spend the time needed to get to know each other. You email, I.M., text, and phone. To break up the monotony and send a hand written letter every now and then.

You have exchanged family information and photos.

You have spent the time needed to share internal feelings and future plans.

The two of you have agreed to map out your financial present and future.

Finally, once you have exhausted all possible means of getting to know each other you meet.

Once you meet, the relationship is sealed! It exceeded all of your expectations.

You continue to spend every weekend and holiday together. The relationship is getting stronger and stronger.

It soon becomes painful to be apart. You can’t even imagine spending a life without the other person!

How is this any different than falling in love with someone you have met at work?…At church?…At the local bar and grill? …At school?

Love is love! Most relationship problems have nothing to do with love! It has a lot to do with trust issues, untruthfulness, deceit, past relationships, etc.

But those problems exist with all relationships, regardless of where the two singles meet.

What difference does it make where you meet?

The problem I do have with singles that say they have fallen in love with someone they have met on the internet is; they are so anxious for love that they do not invest the necessary time to get to know the person.

Yes, you can fall in love online, but please do not allow yourself to fall in love with love!

Learn the needed online skills to fall in love…and make it last!