Power Of Aggression In Dating

“The best attack is the best from of defense.” This is what most men say when they play aggressive sports. From a woman’s perspective, it is definitely very much considerable in dating.

Why is it considerable? This is because the love game works the same way psychologically. You do know that there are many other men after the girl you are wooing as well. Similarly, they should know that they have many other competitors like you. The one way to ace this competition is to be very aggressive in your approaches. Be much more enthusiastic than the rest. But, please don’t be over-aggressive in the aspect that you put her off.

If you are able to be much more aggressive than the rest of your competitors, they will be at a loss because their original plans are all disrupted. When these men are all caught by surprise, they will not think rationally most of the time. They are pressurized by the speed you are applying and will start doing everything illogically. Such examples will be like your competitors start to declare their love to her too soon. Being more aggressive in your pursuit towards a beautiful woman will put most of your opponents into their graves.

One caveat is not to try any sabotage tricks on your competitors. If you do try any sabotage on your opponents and the girl does learn about your actions. Your name will be strike off her “potential partnership list” for a long time and maybe, permanently. Try to earn the integrity of your fellow opponents. It is better to fail as a gentleman if she does fall in love with another guy.


There is a possibility that they might break off in the future and she will remember that you willingly withdrawn from the relationship previously. This future opening grants you another chance to be with her.