Online Dating – Should You Flirt Online?

You should flirt online, only if you know the proper way to do it.

The flirt should come from an honest and sincere compliment.

It is much easier to flirt in person because you are face to face and it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to compliment them on.

Online, we are pretty blind. Even if the person has a photo up. It will still be a little difficult to determine if it would be safe to compliment them on a facial feature. My rule of thumb? If there is doubt? Don’t do it!

You may be able to find something worthy of a compliment if you read their profile and view all of their pictures in their on site photo album.

Maybe they remind you of an attractive film and television star. That is deserving of a compliment and/or flirt.

In their photo, the colors they are wearing my really compliment their skin, eyes and hair. There is a flirt in there somewhere.

Do not feel obligated to flirt when online. If you do, you may end up saying something that comes across as insincere. That is not the impression you want to make online.

I have had online Singles compliment me on certain features that they couldn’t see in my photos!

Now that is useless…!

Should you flirt online? Only if it comes across as sincere, genuine, and from the heart. If you can’t do that? It might be for the best if you save the flirty for later on down the road!