Chinese Online Dating Fraud Busted!

With more and more people choosing to date Chinese women online and find their potential marriage partner; it’s not surprising I get emails weekly from guys who have been the victim of some kind of Chinese online dating scam asking for advice. In my mind ‘prevention is better than cure ‘ so, I’ve decided to spill a few secrets I use all the time…

Now, I don’t want you thinking all Chinese women and Chinese dating sites are all scams because that just wouldn’t be the case at all. But what we really need to know is how to check for this. In fact, even when we have the tools it still won’t be 100% accurate, but it will certainly give us a ‘pause for thought’ that can be the difference between wasting a lot of time and money, and potentially saving us from some heartache too!

Lets’ take a look at a couple of tell-tale possible signs that the Chinese woman you are in contact with may not be all she seems:

If you receive a direct email from a woman claiming to be in China, one way to check on her actual location is by finding her I.P address. Each email sent contains something called a ‘packet’, this packet is a packet of information about the emails origin and includes the senders I.P address.

In Gmail, for example, simply look to the right of an open email and you will see an arrow pointing downwards that when you ‘mouse-over it’ says ‘more’. Click this and then go down to ‘show original’, as you look through the text find something that looks like this: ‘originating-ip: []’.(this example is a random number by the way)

Take this I.P address and then put it into a site like this one

and you will be able to find your contacts true location. (note: I.P addresses in China can shift around a bit, for example my I.P address is seldom where I actually am in the mainland, so ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’ just yet)

When you see a picture of a stunning Chinese girl online, before you wade in, do a Google image search for these keyword terms: ‘Chinese girls’, ‘hot Chinese girls’, ‘beautiful Chinese women’ and maybe even ‘sexy Chinese girls/women’. In the first two Google image page results you may be surprised to find

you are trying to get to know! A sure sign of a scam really, or at best, a Chinese female not really serious about meeting someone.

If either of these things come-up I would suggest giving the Chinese woman in question a wide-birth if I were you, especially number two. It’s just not worth the risk when there are huge amounts of beautiful and attractive Chinese women

looking to date and marry.