Make Him Feel You Truly Love Him – 3 Ways to Make a Guy Want You More and More

Do you know how to make him feel you truly love him? Are you frustrated with men who seem to give too little back, even when you give them everything they want? Do you want to be appreciated more? If you want to make him feel you truly love him, then you may need to make some difficult changes in the way you approach the relationship. Here are three things you need to remember.

#1 – It’s possible to be too affectionate.

Being affectionate is good, but too much of a good thing is always bad. It’s possible that loving him too much can be turn-off. Why? Simply because it gives off the impression that you’re a touchy, needy, and desperate woman who tends to rush into relationships. It’s a pathetic image, and no self-respecting man wants to be caught dead with such a partner.

Ever saw a woman who clung on to her man so much that you uttered under your breath, “Get a room, you two.”? That’s exactly how a guy feels when you cling to him too much. So don’t forget to give him space, especially when he asks for it.

#2 – Follow his pace.

It’s also possible to go too fast in the relationship. It can be a turn-off when you try to push the relationship forward too quickly. To make him feel you truly love him, try to mirror his reactions and follow a pace that he’s comfortable with. If he’s a real man, he’ll know the right pace to take.

#3 – Make things less predictable and more interesting.

Another problem that most women have is that they try to follow their “ideal” relationship, with certain situations and certain rules. This can make your relationship predictable for a man, and predictable means boring!

To make him feel you truly love him, make things interesting. Try new things and talk about new topics. Don’t give in too easily — play a little hard-to-get and pose a little challenge to him. Men love the chase, and he’ll love you more if you make the relationship more fun than usual.