Free Online Dating Sites Like Plenty of Fish by Markus Frind Rule the Internet

Free online dating sites have taken a serious lead over paid online dating sites. If you take into account the economic status of the country and the impact even on single online dating people, the pay online dating sites are taking a virtual beating. Markus Frind of has now surpassed every paid dating site and is climbing the search statistics of sites like and Yahoo Search. Plenty of Fish online dating is a force to be reckoned with. When it comes to page views, is ranked 13th in a league of the big hitters, like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Facebook, and You Tube.

Markus Frind is a computer science graduate that took his talents, as a single one-man show, with his free online dating site, and made an absolute fortune with a very popular niche.. He has been criticized for having one of the ugliest online dating sites by mere visual eye appeal, but it’s interesting to note that it’s his focus on content, and ease of access, that has proven to out weigh his competition, even the paid online dating sites like and generates revenue in the thousands of dollars a day, and Markus Frind is probably, if not the, number one customer of Google AdSense program. Markus has benefited from a novel idea with his free online dating site and the incorporation of Google AdSense ads for his revenue. Using his skills in computer science to tap into the online dating service and provide free online dating to his customers, he has literally become a self-made millionaire several times over.

Markus Frind, a geek, or an inspired entrepreneur? Wisdom and application are hard to beat. is a perfect example of finding a niche and exploiting it to the fullest. is a very similar story, but the founder of that site has refused to allow pay-per-click ads to be used on his site. Now that baffles me, why would you have a site of that value and traffic and not cash in on the ads and revenue Google AdSense would offer. Oh well, to each his own.

Plenty of Fish online dating site, according to Markus himself, was able to gain market share over other online dating sites primarily because of the shrinking online dating industry business. He says the online dating industry has shrank by some 40 percent. This allowed Markus Frind to rally his online dating service to the top of a popular niche when others were crashing around him. Do you think by being a free online dating service, played a major role in this phenomenon? That and the fact that Markus knew how to make use of organic search traffic while others were paying to be in top search positions. Again, it pays to know your way around the computer business.

If you want to learn from a master of his domain, Markus Frind and is a textbook case in point. Online dating will continue to be a high traffic niche, but even by Markus’ own statements, the social networking industry is gaining huge strides currently, so if you want to ride the surf from the top, and MySpace are where it’s happening.