Mastering the Flirting Techniques – Dating Tips For Singles

Everyone can give flirting signs, sometimes we do it consciously, and sometimes we do not know that we are giving out a flirting sign at all. A lot of “dating” concepts run so deeply that we do not recognize ourselves doing it. What are rarer though, are people who know who to spot these signs, interpret them, and use them to move to the next step. Therefore, learning the signs are very important, for observing people or if you would like to make a move.

A lot of signs are subtle. You need to really be observant. Eye contact is one of the most obvious parts. You know it when someone is looking at you for very long, or many times. Both men and women check themselves when in front of someone they are attracted to. They would adjust their clothing, touch their hair, and push the glasses up the nose. All these are signs that they want attention. Confident men would also sit with their legs wide spread out.

For women, the signs are normally “louder”. Their eye contact may be longer than men’s. When out with a group of friends, and when a man she likes is around, she will try to look as happy, cheerful, and outgoing a possible. These shows that she wants to be noticed, and she wants to give a good impression. Most women believe in looking their best, so they may adjust their clothing, play with their hair, and maybe even look at their mirror.

If a woman speaks more softly than she normally does, that is a signal for men to go closer. That is a great flirting sign, and means that the man should really move a step closer and continuing flirting or ask her out.

Knowing these signs is a good knowledge on life. It lets you know who you should be seeing, and who you should really give up instead of wasting time.