Sex Advice For Christian Singles

God created singles, whether Christian or not, with a healthy sex drive. The issue for most single Christians is how to channel that drive in a godly way until marriage. Temptations to have sex abound at every corner, but the following may help singles negotiate this time of life successfully.

I beg all who struggle really hard to find a friend who knows Christ, and who you feel safe sharing the dirt face to face. If you do not have one, pray and ask God for one and He will provide.

How can a man (or woman) keep their way pure? Fill your heart with the Word of life. The enemy will want to tell you that it’s useless to do so, but do not believe him. The word of God is powerful!

If you are child of God, sin shall not reign in your mortal bodies (Romans 6). You have victory in Jesus. Therefore, it’s important to confess your victory for “as a man thinks so he is.” So just continue to trust God you will break free of what ever you think has mastered you.

Finally, no sin can remain a habit if you are in constant dialogue with the Saviour.

Overall, living a godly life in this world of permissiveness and loose moral standards is not an easy thing to do. Sexual pitfalls abound everywhere. The above “sex advice” is not a cure all for avoiding sexual temptation traps, but they sure could help.